Board of Directors


No matter where you live in Columbia County, there's a 9-1-1 Communications Board member near you - someone who can listen to your concerns and answer your questions. The five-person Board of Directors represents zones throughout the county and consists of citizens you elect from your communities.  Board members ensure that the District is well managed, cost conscious and efficient, while focusing on safety and security for all residents in the county. 

To further ensure that the District is functioning for maximum safety and efficiency, an Advisory Board meets regularly. This board is comprised of chiefs from every public safety and emergency agency in Columbia County.

Finally, the District's Budget Committee works diligently to find the best ways to maintain and enhance services at the lowest possible cost.


Zone 1 - Clatskanie
Bruce Holsey, Member

Email Board Member: bholsey [at] ()



Zone 2 - Rainier
Jeromy Hasenkamp, Vice President

Email Board Member: jhasenkamp [at]



Zone 3 - St Helens
Henry Heimuller, Treasurer

Email Board Member: hheimuller [at] ()



Zone 4 - Vernonia-Mist
Shelley Hennessy, Secretary

Email Board Member:  shennessy [at]



Zone 5 - Scappoose
Rob Anderson, President

Email Board Member: randerson [at] ()


Budget Committee


The Budget Committee is composed of Board Members and an additional citizen-member chosen from each District Zone. This committee along with District Staff successfully plan and manage our finances.  In fact, they do such a fine job preparing and presenting the budget, the District has received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the U.S./Canada Government Finance Officers Association twenty years in a row.

Zone 1-Clatskanie

Dee Wooley

Zone 2-Rainier


Zone 3-St Helens

Steve Reed

Zone 4-Vernonia-Mist

Randy Hansen

Zone 5-Scappoose

Mike Greisen

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