Public Records FAQ & Fees

The Columbia 911 Communications District (C911CD) maintains a variety of public records as required by various Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). 

Submitting a Public Records Request

  • Public records requests are processed online. Copies of requested records will be provided electronically unless otherwise requested. 
  • A response to a public records request shall be acknowledged within five (5) business days and be completed as soon as practicable and without unreasonable delay.
  • If a public records request cannot be completed within fifteen (15) business days, an estimated completion date will be provided to the requestor (ORS 192.329(5).
  • Whenever possible, each public records request should include: date and time of event or incident, location, pertinent details, names of involved parties, CAD or case number and contact information of the requestor.
  • Public meeting minutes and available meeting audio will be posted to the District's website as soon as possible after meeting conclusion. Please note that public records requests for records already posted on the website will not receive a response.
  • In order to manage staff time and provide records in a timely manner, please submit separate requests for individual records. Requests for multiple different records within a single request will not receive a response.
  • Please be sure to make one request at a time, you must log out after each request is submitted. To make additional requests, remain logged out and include your email in the new request email field.  An automatically generated message will be sent acknowledging your request to the email address listed in your records request and all your requests will be linked to your account.  Please check your spam/junk email folder for messages, and “allow” messages from messages [at] in your email server.  The District is not responsible if you do not follow these procedures and/or if your email server blocks the message or labels it spam/junk.
  • Once a request has been closed, it is no longer monitored by staff. Any messages sent to staff on a closed request will not be responded to. Please email PublicRecords [at] if you have any questions regarding a completed request.

​​Administrative records

Administrative records are primarily records related to how the C911CD completes its matters of business, such as procurement documents for purchases, policy and/or procedure documents, emails or letters of correspondence. 

Operational records

Operational records are primarily records related to Non-Emergency and 9-1-1 call recordings, Police and Fire radio activity, and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) records.

Protected Health Information

A completed C911CD Protected Health Information form may be required for the production and release of records containing protected health information, and, in most cases, that information will be redacted unless related to the request.


  • Fees are calculated based on the hourly wage plus the benefit cost for the staff doing the public records search and the cost (if any) for the actual reproduction and transmission of the record to the requester. If C911CD's legal counsel is involved in a review of the records sought, the cost for that review may be included.
  • Fees for staff time will be billed in 10-minute increments, and advanced payment of all or a portion of the fee may be required.
  • The hourly rate range for public records requests is $37.00 to $100.00, and a software fee of $3.00 to $10.00 per request will be charged in addition to the hourly rate.
  • If the estimated cost to process a request is likely to exceed $25.00, we will provide a written notice of staff's estimated cost to process the request. The requestor must then confirm they want C911CD staff to proceed with fulfilling the request. (ORS 192.324).
  • Advanced payment of all or a portion of the fee may be required.
  • Government and State agencies will not be charged for record requests.

Submit your request online here:

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us either via email to PublicRecords [at] () or by phone 503-366-6978.